Striving to reach the management level is the goal of many people in the business world. Managers have respect, responsibility, power and perks. That said, poor managers find themselves with unhappy employees and toxic work environments, generally with no one but themselves to blame. While there is no surefire recipe to create a great manager, here are four qualities that most possess.


A manager must know their stuff, both in terms of the skills they require from their staff and their own skillset. Unfortunately, not every executive has received a leadership assessment Jacksonville FL. Those that know the business they work for well and understand what makes the company successful will go far. Those that don’t must be willing to learn humbly and seek training opportunities to enhance their soft and hard skills.


Decision making is a crucial component of management. The buck stops with managers, and they need to make important calls in an informed and confident way. They certainly should consider all viable options and take a reasonable amount of time when immediate action is required. Dragging their feet or being noncommittal, however, will lead to a lack of confidence among their staff.

Willingness to Grow

Great leaders must be lifelong learners. They cannot act like know-it-alls and assume they possess all the knowledge they will ever need. Every industry evolves, and they should engage in professional development, formally or in a self-guided way, to set a good example and stay on top of trends.

An Open Mind

The worst justification for doing something in business is “this is the way we’ve always done it.” Leaders should keep an open door and an open mind, listening to suggestions from employees of all stripes. They should sure their staff feels heard but create a clear understanding that while all ideas will be considered, they may not necessarily be implemented.

For anyone seeking a management position, striving to have these qualities can ensure success and contribute to job satisfaction.

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