Promotional tote bags are a great marketing tool for every kind of business. The concept of eco-friendly and reusable bags is absolutely wonderful. You can get them customized according to your preference and needs to enhance brand exposure across the locality or state.

Brandable and customizable tote bags are an effective promotional product for every business aiming to enhance their brand exposure. People will tote bags giveaway because they are –

  • Practical
  • Eco-friendly
  • Useful
  • Stylish

A business will also find tote bags to be an effective promotional item at affordable rates. Besides, using a tote bag for shopping reduces the land-fill waste from plastic bags.

Non-woven water-resistant shopping bag

The non-woven water-resistant custom grocery bags are designed from polypropylene material. It is a simple, durable, and inexpensive product. You can get a bulk discount on Custom Earth without any concern about quality. For a startup company, it is a great promotional item.

Laminated non-woven large grocery tote

It is larger than the average totes with plenty of printing freedom to prominently display your brand message or logo on the front. The bag is sturdy, spacious, and has a front pocket along with reinforced handles. It is a laminated, water-resistant material making it easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Cotton canvas tote

The canvas bag is made from 100% cotton and is designed stylishly. Your brand logo can be printed in many colors on the bag front directly. It is expensive than propylene shopping bags, but a great employee gifts or promote giveaways, if your budget allows. The strip along the bottom and top of the canvas bag offers more stability to carry heavy items and is extremely durable.

Clear tote shopping bags

Large and clear logo bags are made from recycled material. They allow users to see inside the bag without digging around. Your business logo can get printed on exclusive clear material. Choose an appropriate color for the trimming, so the tote shopping bag blends with your brand style.

Organic carry-all tote bags

Your business cares for the environment. Choosing an eco-friendly tote bag option helps to promote your business built on sustainability. Organic carry-all tote bags are designed from cotton without any concerns about the use of pesticides and insecticides, during the cultivation or manufacturing process.

Fun tote bags

The fun totes have a zippered top compartment and long handles. Its sides have mesh pockets, where you can store carabiners or keys or a water bottle. You can have a funny message or a comical character imprinted on the tote to make a brand style statement. You let readers know who and what your brand is about clearly and loudly. It is a great employee giveaway for their daily use. They will be happy to increase brand visibility by using the bag every day.

Recycled PET Zippered totes

This is a great promo product for those who are committed to saving the environment. It is totally designed from 100% recycled material. The functional features included are long handles, a pen loop, and a zippered compartment.

With promotional tote bags, you can cost-effectively enhance business visibility. The totes are designed from sustainable or recycled material that reveals your business cares for the environment. Explore online for different promotional totes to choose one that suits your business style and needs.


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