A fog cannon is versatile equipment that can be used in various industries, including construction and events management. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the best ways to use a fog cannon and how different businesses can benefit from such.

  1.  Dust Control

Inhalation of airborne dust can result in a variety of occupational diseases. Dust may be tiny and invisible, but it has significant health hazards, especially to workers who are directly exposed. It can lead to eye and skin irritation, as well as cancer. This can negatively impact productivity in the workplace, and at its worst, can lead to death. For effective dust suppression, fog cannons can help. They can create atomized mists that will saturate dust to prevent it from being a health risk. Most of the fog cannons used for dust control have wheeled construction for mobility. It will be easy to move around depending on where the dust is coming from.

2.  Odor Control

Like dust, the odor is also a disturbance in many workplaces, such as construction sites and manufacturing plants. Fog cannons can help in effective odor elimination. It can also saturate odor sources such as waste. In most instances, fog cannons use safe chemicals to target the root cause of the odor and mask the unwanted smell.

3.  Crowd Cooling

When organizing events and mass gatherings, such as concerts or music festivals, the comfort of the patrons is a primary consideration. Especially if the event will be held during the day and when it is hot, fog cannons can help. It can deliver crowd cooling benefits. When positioned in a strategic location, it can blanket the crowd with a cooling mist that will make them feel breezy despite the excruciating heat.

4.  Security

Fog cannons can also be used for securing business premises. You cannot keep an eye on your business round-the-clock. Nonetheless, you can have peace of mind with the help of fog cannons. With the use of advanced sensors, fog cannons can be programmed to automatically turn on when there is an intruder. The white and dense fog will quickly fill a room, and this is often accompanied by a loud alarm to catch the attention of others. The fog can help to disorient the burglar.

5.  Disinfecting

In the time of COVID-19, this is one of the most relevant uses of a fog cannon. Especially in large business premises, a fog cannon will make disinfection effortless. The tank is filled with a safe to use disinfectant and it goes around the business premises to spray mists that can get rid of bacteria and viruses that can result in serious health problems when not properly addressed. This is also a common solution for community-wide disinfection.

From controlling dust to disinfecting, fog cannons can be useful in more ways than one. To maximize its benefits, choose one from a reputable brand. Among others, Bosstek is one option worth checking out.

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