Compliance can make or break your company’s reputation. It is vital to building a healthier workplace, establishing a better business image, and boosting profitability. With the failure to meet existing compliance requirements, businesses can be slapped with hefty fines, and worse, revocation of business licenses. To ensure a culture of compliance, training is a must. Keep on reading and we’ll share some tips on how to do this effectively.

  1.  Make it Mobile

Traditionally, compliance training is completed in a classroom set-up. This can be boring and expensive. As an alternative, consider taking it mobile. This way, the training materials will be taken in an online platform, which will be accessible anytime and anywhere. To make this possible, you will need a reliable eLearning software, such as what True Office Learning can provide.

2.  Use Virtual Reality

Elevate compliance training by using virtual reality. This will make the training more engaging. Through virtual reality, the experience can be more immersive. It will take participants to a different dimension even if they are just in the office. It brings interactive aspects to training while also creating real-life simulations.

3.  Add Multimedia Elements

Participants will end up bored if they have to deal with chunks of texts or thick documents as their training materials. A creative approach would be adding audio, images, and videos to improve the entertainment value of the compliance training program. Aside from making training more engaging, it also simplifies the presentation of the material and makes it easier to comprehend.

4.  Take It Outside the Office

From scenario-based learning to guided exploration, there are many ways to implement compliance training programs outside the office. Make it more creative by taking employees out on a field trip to teach them about compliance. Expose them to a world outside of the office to change the way training is conducted. A new environment can make the program more engaging.

5.  Incorporate Humor

Using humor in training is another effective way to make it more engaging. Compliance can be a boring topic for some employees, especially if they cannot see how it will be valuable for them. A good solution is to incorporate humor into the training materials. However, this can be a tricky area to navigate as people have different perspectives on what is fun for them and what isn’t.

6.   Gamify Training

Gamification is another great way to be creative in compliance training. This will prevent boredom while also promoting healthy competition. Through gamification, you will add challenges, leaderboards, and badges, among other elements to make the compliance training program fun. This will promote active learning instead of being passive. It can also help address the lack of motivation among participants.

From being mobile to incorporating elements of gamification, this article talked about some of the most creative approaches to make compliance training more effective. If you need help in implementing effective compliance training, the pros at True Office Learning can extend a hand.

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