Spotlight on Business Energy Broker Tim Sealy-fisher

Enterprise power dealer Tim Sealy-Fisher is concentrated on constructing end-to-end power options for sustainable enterprise development. He’s Head of Compliance at Smarter Enterprise. With over 18 years’ expertise overlaying quite a few obligations within the UK and New Zealand power markets, Tim’s various data and keenness for the event of the business is second to none. He has used this well-rounded expertise inside our firm to supply vital worth to each the enterprise and our clients.
Tim says: “As businesses in the UK, we are moving into an era where energy costs are being determined by businesses and users ourselves, more than by supply companies. Our aim as a business energy broker is to assist businesses in this journey in an over-complicated market, whose reputation has not always been about putting the customer first. At Smarter Business, we are committed and dedicated to engaging with our customers to secure them the best savings.” An knowledgeable eye on the way forward for power Tim predicts that we are going to enter right into a interval of uncertainty within the subsequent two years. This may trigger a variety of costs throughout power contracts. “Already, medium-term gas prices (which contribute to nearly 50% of the power generation mix) have seen a surge of late due to continued civil unrest in the Middle East; and Brent Crude Oil prices (to which the UK long-term gas price is indexed) have seen a steady resurgence since the 10-year low in January 2016. Prices are likely to continue on this path with the lead up to the proposed public listing of oil giant Saudi Aramco in late 2018. Locally, the closure of the rough storage facility has left the UK further exposed to international influences, particularly in the winter when UK gas demand is high. The facility previously accounted for 70% of local gas storage. The impacts of this closure were felt throughout winter, when wholesale within day prices spiked to over 230p/therm (nearly 8p/kWh) as the reality of our reliance on this storage hit home. By 2020 that, it’s likely that half-hourly metered electricity invoices will be made up of at least 65% non-wholesale electricity costs, attributed to the delivery of electricity and government-imposed levies. The introduction of further electricity levies to support the UK’s commitment to its carbon targets, coupled with increases in charges in peak periods* will continue to open the door for innovation in products that encourage demand side management. Ultimately, customers who can reduce energy consumption or provide generation in peak periods will begin to see significant savings.” Peak durations differ all through areas within the UK. Broadly talking peak durations may be outlined as between 16:00-19:00 on weekdays the place clients with half-hourly meters will pay as much as 150% extra for the whole delivered price of electrical energy throughout these instances. A few of Tim’s successes at Smarter Enterprise embody: We have been first enterprise power dealer to realize TGP Platinum Standing Below Tim’s steerage as Head of Compliance, we acquired the business’s first Platinum Award for compliance with power provider Whole Fuel & Energy (TGP). This accreditation units us aside as business leaders in moral and clear gross sales practices. Managing clients’ publicity to unstable market costs Tim has ensured that each one versatile contracts beneath his care have benefitted from cheaper costs than the wholesale day-ahead value for the final 4 years. He has personally saved his portfolio of consumers over 1 00zero 00zero in power prices, whereas persevering with to observe and suggest enhancements throughout their utilities. Implementing power evaluation and pricing programs Because of Tim’s give attention to figuring out power efficiencies, our clients obtain complementary reporting to assist the contracts that we now have supplied. With an up-to-date view of our clients’ portfolios, we’re in a position to work collectively to evaluate alternatives for financial savings on an ongoing foundation. Tim was additionally the lead on a mission to develop a pricing platform, enabling employees and clients quick entry to the business’s finest power costs. Securing financial savings of 900 00zero for a buyer By taking the time to grasp the distinctive wants of Essex County Laundry, Tim was in a position to apply his business experience to safe large financial savings for the energy-intensive laundry service enterprise. Essex County Laundry Managing Director says:

“Tim’s expertise in managing and tendering contracts enabled us to enter into a new trading arrangement that enabled better use of the wholesale market, which resulted in significant savings of around 900,000. He engaged with us to understand our business and energy requirements, enabling a contract to be structured which provides ongoing savings. He re-tendered with other suppliers that better suited our needs. He also validated our invoices on a monthly basis and, to date, he has found errors in billing amounting to 34,000, which he managed to claim back for us. Tim is in regular contact with us through face-to-face meetings and provides a complete corporate energy procurement service for us which involves monitoring the market and purchasing gas daily as well as cost-forecasting for each financial year. He is very good at keeping us up-to-date and provides constant updates on what he expects our costs to be.”

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