Storage units are an option that you can use if you’re planning on moving from one home to another or if you have items in your home that are taking up space but that you don’t want to part with. When you begin looking for a unit, think about the number of boxes that you have to store and the furniture that you have. Find out about how you can enter the unit and if there are any security features offered, such as locks for each door.

Pallets and Boards 

While most storage facilities everett wa offers are usually clean, you never know if there are any pests running through the units or what the previous owner stored. Pallets are an option so that you can keep your belongings raised off the floor so that they won’t get damaged. This is an idea to consider if the facility is in an area that is prone to water so that your belongings won’t get wet. If there’s snow on the ground or if there is a sloped driveway, then water could get into the unit and ruin the items that you have on the floor.

Wrap It Up 

Use plastic to wrap up as many of your belongings as you can to keep moisture from reaching them and to keep insects and other pests away. You can get a heavy-duty plastic wrap that is thicker than standard plastic to offer more protection. Consider two layers of plastic for the most protection until you’re ready to get your belongings out of the unit.

Locking in Place 

Even though most facilities offer locks that you can put on your unit, you should use your own lock as well. Only you will have a key to the lock, and you’re the only one who will know the combination. Talk to the storage facility to find out if there are security cameras or other measures in place to keep units from getting broken into. Use a lock that can stand up to being in the weather since most units are located outside in the elements.


Before you put anything in your unit, makesure it’s labeled so that you can easily find the things that you’re looking for and so that you can take them to the proper location once the unit is unpacked. Bright colors are good to use when you’re labeling your boxes. You can also make a list of everything that you store and where it’s located in the unit to make the process of finding your belongings a bit easier as well.

Most storage units are climate controlled. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be changes in the temperature inside the unit on occasion. Items that don’t do well in extreme temperature changes should be wrapped or stored in a container so that they are protected. If you’re storing items in the winter, then put a layer of sand on the floor and near the door to absorb moisture and to provide a little more heat in the unit.

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