Finding a job that will allow you to work from home may feel like the dream, but working from home isn’t all it is cracked up to be. There are new challenges that come with remote work. One of the biggest challenges is how to be productive when your boss isn’t breathing over your shoulder. Here is how to create a productive home office.

Comfort is Important

Being uncomfortable can be a major distraction that will greatly reduce productivity. Find office furniture Indianapolis that you can use comfortably. There is a fine line between comfortable and too comfortable. Lounging on a couch, while it may feel nice, isn’t going to help with productivity. Remember to consider posture when choosing furniture. Finding furniture that promotes good posture will keep your muscles from fatiguing.

Breaks Allow Endurance

You may feel guilty when you work from home if you need to take a break. Remember that you have to take some breaks so you don’t experience burn out. When you are in the office the little conversations you have with coworkers help rejuvenate you throughout the day. When you are home working alone it is hard to force those little breaks when in the office breaks would come naturally. Stand up and do some stretches or whatever you need, but make sure you look away from your computer to give your eyes and mind a little break as well.

Clutter is a Distraction

It’s hard to think straight when you are sitting in clutter. Make sure your desk doesn’t become a place holder for papers and random to-dos, because you might find yourself jumping from project to project without truly accomplishing anything. Everything on your desk needs to have a purpose or else it will just be a distraction. If you need to store items in your office, like files and books, store them in an organized fashion.

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