Corporate hospitality is a fantastic way to impress your clients and stay ahead of competitors, but with most businesses recognising the benefits, it is becoming harder to stay original and outdo the competition. This is why you should consider F1 corporate hospitality.

It would be hard not to impress your clients or staff with a bespoke package which could include grandstand tickets, semi-private branded suite, opportunities for podium photos, and access to the post-race podium ceremony.

It will be hard to find someone who isn’t awed by a first-class hospitality event, with fantastic food and drinks flowing, but if it is a Formula 1 event, there will be absolutely no doubt that you absolutely mean business. Taking customers to a Formula 1 corporate hospitality event will immerse them in an incredibly chic environment which is hard to beat. This is an environment that is definitely conducive to business deals being made!

You can guarantee that there will be plenty of other professionals there for the very same reason as you so it will be a fantastic networking opportunity. It will be a great chance to link up with other businesses that have invested in the same level of corporate hospitality as you. Some great new relationships could be forged. According to Forbes, F1 hospitality is great value for money.

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Invest in F1 corporate hospitality

You will definitely outdo your competition. Advertise this and you will be offering something extra which will help you win that new client. How good does it sound advertising an F1 hospitality Monaco trip for your clients through providers such as

Although Formula 1 is all about expensive cars, money and glitz and glamour, the corporate hospitality venues are, in fact, incredibly relaxed and create a very relaxed atmosphere for you and your clients, giving you a perfect ‘away from the office’ setting for your client hospitality.

Get your branding seen

You can personalise your suite or even have your logo added to a car and give your clients a high speed spin around the circuit in a two-seater sports car!

There are many ways to do corporate hospitality, but nothing will compare with an F1 event. With cars flying past at 150 mph whilst sipping on champagne. You should definitely try it!


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