Servcorp has been servicing offices for close to forty years and has been at the helm of redefining office space. In this time, you can go to any major city in the country, and you will find at least one Servcorp office helping businesses access affordable office space in premium locations. Internationally, the business has grown to include countries as far away as Asia and as close as Europe.

For many, Servcorp has come to represent affordable office space in areas typically known to be very expensive, and for start-ups, the serviced office brand has become a beacon of office space that can provide professional gloss. In fact, as a start-up in any industry, affordability is one of the reasons to go with a Servcorp office, more specifically a virtual office. However, there are other reasons to go with Servcorp virtual offices.

Keep reading to learn more about why your start-up should get its start in the virtual office in order to get your business started on the right foot.

Dress To Impress 

One of the main reasons that start-ups should get their start with the virtual office is because it can put a little polish on your outfit’s image. These spaces are located in the downtown area next to more affluent businesses, and the offices are decked out in the latest in corporate office design. Furthermore, with Servcorp, your business has access to conference and meeting room space with a variety of functions. At the very minimum, your business benefits from having a physical address and dedicated phone, a phone number that when called is answered by a receptionist.

New Tools 

The virtual office can be a great way to work in a remote office platform simply because your business has access to so many online tools. With the advent of online meeting apps, record-keeping apps, invoice-generating apps, and a plethora of others, the modern office in the online platform has gotten a whole lot easier to manipulate. You can essentially build and work with several teams in an online platform to collaborate. The virtual office is so amenable that business owners only need come into the office if they have to meet with clients or partners face-to-face.

No Frills Leasing 

The virtual office lease eliminates a lot of the waste that goes with conventional leasing. The Servcorp lease typically includes access to Wi-Fi, conference and meeting rooms, and office support, but businesses can modify the virtual office lease if needed. By only including office essentials, your business only uses the amenities needed and on an as-needed basis.

Easy Access 

With the virtual office, your business is accessible through a number of media. This makes travelling abroad to test new markets more efficient because all you need do is check in with your home office through your cell phone or any available tablet. Moreover, you do not have to worry about gaining access to your office after hours because you only need a password and username.

Transition Into Bigger Space

Finally, the virtual office is one of the best ways for a smaller business to transition into a larger space. These offices are great for businesses that number less than ten, and so if your business grows to include more employees, then you can easily transition into a coworking space or an executive suite. With Servcorp, this can be as easy as modifying your lease.

Starting On An Affordable Platform 

The online platform can give you the chance to establish your business in a cost-efficient way. The online format provides businesses with a versatile way to function without interfering with communications and other tasks that are a part of the daily business. Through the Servcorp format, you can find your office address located over any of the US’s illustrious cities.

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