There is not much information about new coronavirus and people are in panic due to myths and fake information. It is understood that COVID-19 is a novel virus and developing any vaccine for humans may take many months.

When viruses from an animal undergoes changes and infect humans that is how new coronavirus COVID-19 came into being. Scientists are still studying the new virus to provide authentic facts and information to guide the health authorities and people to control the spread of infection. People need accurate information to protect themselves and people living around them especially if they are infected with virus already.

There is no cure or vaccination and only upgrading the hygiene, sanitizing everything and social distancing can help you control the spread of coronavirus. COVID-19 virus spread respiratory disease through close contact of tiny droplets after sneezing or coughing of infected person. Even touching the contaminated surface or things can cause the infection from virus after touching the mouth, nose or eyes with infected hands.

It is recommended to keep good personal hygiene and deep cleaning of infected surfaces with standard cleaning solutions. Use protective mask and gloves if you are in close contact with an infected person or if you are infected. Masks lower the risk of getting infected with disease and health workers and care takers must wear masks.

People are told to stay at homes to stay safe. Symptoms of novel coronavirus are not shown until after two weeks and till then many people can be infected with virus due to close contact. Social distancing and self-quarantine are the best solution to control spread of virus and protect from infected people. Social distancing means to put space among people and in case of infection they will not be able to pass virus to anyone. People are advised to stay informed on the latest information about COVID-19 virus to protect yourself and others from infection.

Some people do not show any symptoms but still can be infected and spread virus to other. That is why self-isolation is advised even if one does not seem sick. If any symptoms are shown after infection of coronavirus, you must avoid contact with other people and visit health facilities for treatment and care.

There are many coronavirus cleanup services whose workers cannot practice social distancing and self-quarantine to protect them self from infection. They have to be on the front line fighting with coronavirus pandemic, because they are responsible for biohazard cleaning, scrubbing and sanitizing the infected areas and surfaces to eliminate pathogens.

The workers from cleaning services get up-to-date guidance about coronavirus from national health authorities, to tackle the decontamination of virus completely. Businesses are hiring coronavirus cleaning services for deep cleaning and disinfecting their office buildings especially if any confirm case of coronavirus positive employee or visitor is found there.

These techs are more at risk as they are working and exposing them self to virus infected places and things.

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