The Sustainability of Recyclable Corrugated Plastic Containers

Recyclable corrugated plastic is a material that is made of recycled plastic bottles, which are melted down then mixed into a new resin. Once recycled, this material can be used to create almost every product imaginable – from clothing to carpeting to food containers. But, the biggest benefit is the corrugated materials that can be used for recycling programs themselves or other uses.

Large and small businesses, hospitals and schools, restaurants and churches, real estate developers and property managers―these are all examples of the diverse groups of people who depend on containers for their everyday needs. Now, you might want to know more about corrugated plastic containers and how they can be used in your business. The following information will give you more insight into these innovative corrugated plastic solutions and how they can be used in different industries.

Where Does The Corrugated Plastic Come From?

Recyclable corrugated plastic containers can often be seen as a preferred alternative to traditional packaging. The use of recycled plastic materials originates from the post-consumer stream of plastics and is produced by processing and combining these resin powders. This means that new corrugated plastics are made from old corrugated plastics. Some of the different plastic waste that is used to make corrugated plastics include:

  • Consumer containers
  • Plastic bottles
  • Plastic packaging
  • Old corrugated contains
  • Any other type of plastic waste

Corrugated plastic is a type of composite that is made from recycled plastic. Because it is a composite that consists of multiple layers, corrugated plastic can have many uses, from carpeting to food service trays and even recycling containers.

The Life Cycle of Corrugated Plastic Containers—From Recycled Product to Reuse

Corrugated plastic containers have been around for a long time. Their utility is accepted as they have provided a solution to a variety of products that need to be shipped or packed. They have an infinite life cycle. They begin as plastic resins that are made from recycled plastic waste, which is then made into containers. The containers are then used for years before they wear out or become damaged. When these containers are damaged, they return to the plastic resins, where they start to become new containers or consumer products that are made out of recycled plastic resins.

The Lifespan of Corrugated Plastic Containers

The lifespan of corrugated plastic containers revolves around the factors of their use and when they can be recycled. Corrugated plastic containers can be used for many purposes, such as for office cleaning that has variable tasks such as picking up garbage, washing decks and floors, throwing out old office supplies, and more.

Corrugated materials can be reused; they can be reused at infinite times in different processes, including residential and commercial recycling bins and in-house recycling systems. Corrugated plastic recycling bins can be used to collect the materials that they are made out of. When they are damaged, they are just returned to be reused to create new containers, and the cycle continues forever. Even smaller containers can be used for local recycling programs to help promote green living and provide a valuable service to the community.

The Sustainability of Corrugated Plastic Containers

One of the questions you might have is if they are sustainable. The answer is yes. There are many reasons why corrugated plastic containers are sustainable. Recycled corrugated plastics (recyclables) are strong enough to maintain their structural strength even after second use, along with sustaining the functional versatility that makes them among the most commonly chosen materials for packaging, shipping, and storing applications. Recyclable containers can be used thousands of times before it is done with its usefulness. Most corrugated plastic containers are made of recycled waste. The lightweight design and easy storage of corrugated plastic containers make them easy to store, reuse and recycle. They are the ideal storage solution for businesses and industries that need a compact container that can be reused and recycled. Their infinite life cycle makes them some of the most sustainable plastic products produced.

Getting Corrugated Plastic Containers for Your Business

You might have decided that you want to implement sustainable corrugated plastics. Some organizations offer free quotes. After proper research, your business can also get started with sustainable container solutions.

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