Do you have a plan for moving your heaviest machines when it’s time? Is your company counting on employees for installation and removal, or do you have experts on call for those times? It’s worth figuring out answers to these questions before you make a big decision about moving to a new facility or upgrading one of your heavier machines. While your team might be qualified to install and troubleshoot the equipment in question, the additional risk involved in the moving process and the lost productivity from reallocating staff to the task can make it quite expensive, especially if you have a lot of outstanding orders to fill.

Move Machines Quickly To Minimize Downtime

Hiring professional movers for large and heavy equipment often leads to savings in both time and money. Not only are their services often less expensive than the labor you would have to dedicate from your own team, they handle large machines every day. That means they know how to safely, efficiently, and quickly move them from site to site. Movers can help when turning a machine over to a new owner, disposing of one at a recycling operation, or trading an old one in on delivery when new equipment arrives.

Safety First

If you haven’t specifically trained your team to handle large machines and to keep themselves safe when moving them in and out of the shop, you might be creating a liability for your business by tasking them with a move. That can affect insurance coverage in the event of an accident, too. Professional equipment movers have that training, and more importantly, they have their own insurance to protect themselves. For most accidents and damages during transit, they also have coverage for your machines, providing you with additional peace of mind during the process.

Schedule Around Your Working Hours

The final great reason to search large equipment movers near me when you’re moving or replacing big machines is the simplest. You can do it when you’re not working. Weekend and overnight moves allow your team to come in for a shift with a fresh new layout, without having to put in extra hours making it happen. That makes it easier for them to go right to work, and it makes it easier for you to fulfill customer orders.

Early scheduling is the easiest way to get your first choice of times for any equipment move. If you’re not sure how much lead time a mover needs, it never hurts to make contact.

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