For male infertility, the low sperm count is the reason behind. Men suffering from this kind of problem have doctor’s advice and go on with the medicines.  Sometimes collecting the medicines for such health issues make one feel embarrassed, but not now as nowadays there are online pharmacies from where you can collect you’re prescribed as well as non-prescribed medicines. Canadian pharmacy online provides the medicines, to increase the sperm count at a discounted price at your doorsteps. But do you know that just adding a few foods can help you to have the good sperm count? Here are some foods that make a man to produce healthy sperms.

  • Vitamins– When it comes to having the healthy sperm count then vitamin B12, vitamin C and E have significant effects for semen production. Foods that contain vitamin B12 include clams, oysters, mussels, liver, caviar, octopus, fish, beef and lobsters. For vitamin C you can have kiwi fruits, papaya, oranges, chili pepper, guavas, bell pepper, fresh herbs, strawberries, etc. Vitamin E rich food that you can add in your daily diet can be dried herbs, dried almonds, peanuts, pickled green olives, cooked spinach, and sunflower seeds.
  • Zinc– It is an important mineral that helps in increasing the sperm count in men. Having the low testosterone will affect the libido in men and also responsible for the erectile dysfunction and lower sperm count. So it becomes crucial to add zinc in your diet and for that, you can have high protein meat, seafood, nuts, barley, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds.
  • Lentils– Increasing male fertility lentils have a great role. Here you have the good source of folic acids. Having low folate can make a man developing various abnormalities in their sperm.
  • Tomatoes– according to the study it is revealed that tomatoes are very beneficial for increasing the sexual health of a man. To increase the activity rate and the mortality rate of the sperms it is very important to add tomatoes in the diet. Regular use of tomatoes gives the antioxidants and you can easily have them in your salad or snacks and cooked tomatoes increases the level of lycopene.

Diet and avoiding some of the things like alcohol, caffeine, and smoking also helps in increasing the sperm count. Except for all the diet, exercise there is other points that a man should cover to have good sexual health. Make sure you make love in the morning or early afternoon, as sperm count is higher in the morning. In the morning your body is recently recharged. Limit yourself to 2-3 day gaps before having sex. The more sperms produce when a man fewer ejaculates.

Testicular overheating is also a factor that is responsible for decreasing the sperm count, as overheating kills the live sperms. When it comes to increasing the sperm count never avoids having a good diet and avoids the points that directly affect your sperms. Have good sperm count and enjoy your sexual life.

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