As your chosen concept will be one of the defining aspects of your restaurant, this is one of the most important decisions you will make in the early stages of your business.

33% of restauranteurs believe that having a distinct concept is valuable because increasing numbers of customers view restaurants as a leisure experience.

Core Elements of a Great Concept

The best restaurant concepts ensure that no detail is ignored. From the design of your menu to the décor of your dining space, every aspect of your restaurant should convey a consistent tone or mood. Aim to provide your prospective customers with a good idea of what they can expect before they step through the door by selecting a descriptive and memorable name. From here, every decision you make should seek to contribute to the communication of this clear and coherent vision.

Although your customers probably won’t see behind the scenes, investing in a professional catering fridge, example models of which can be seen here and functional kitchen, will ensure that a professional ambience is maintained throughout.

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How to Select your Restaurant Concept

1. Focus on what inspires you

This might come from your childhood, your heritage, or simply the style of food you enjoy preparing the most.

2. Identify what makes you unique

Putting your own unique spin on your concept will ensure that your customers are genuinely excited to visit your restaurant.

3. Understand your customers

It is important to identify a certain level of demand for the type of restaurant you want to open in your chosen area. As well as getting a feeling for what your competition are doing, think about what your prospective customers want and understand how to communicate your intentions to them.

4. Create your menu

Your menu must reflect your concept as your customers won’t want to be surprised or confused by the choices available to them when they sit down to eat.

5. Refine your service

From fine dining to casual family-style, selecting a method of service that reflects your food and desired ambience is important to maintain the integrity of your concept.

Although developing a concept can initially feel like an impossible task, breaking the process down into a series of manageable steps will help you to develop a clear vision for your restaurant that your customers will appreciate.


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