With the prevalence of digital communication and collaboration, file keeping and workspaces, it would seem logical to conclude that printers are going out. This is not the case though. Printers remain vital to many businesses. They are also useful for personal use. However, printers are as prone to breaking as any equipment. How do you know if you need to send yours off for printer repair Vienna VA, though? Well, here are three indicators that your printer is broken and in need of repairs.

1. Printer Is Jamming More Than Normal

It is not uncommon for printers to experience the occasional paper jam, usually due to human error like inserting paper wrong. However, if there are frequent paper jams, this may be a sign that something is wrong with the printer.

2. Printer Is Performing Inconsistently

Not performing consistently is another indication that something is wrong with your printer. If your printer is randomly halting in the middle of printing, this might mean a part is broken. It might also signal that the printer is dying. Suddenly producing lines, spots or blots that are not supposed to be there might mean an issue with the ink rollers. Fading may also be caused by a damaged ink roller.

3. Printer Is Making Strange Sounds

As with other equipment, strange noises are also a sign of something wrong. Abnormal whirs or grinding sounds can be caused by something easily fixed like a stuck wad of paper or by something more serious like mechanical issues. Squealing sounds may arise if the ink rollers are malfunctioning.

All of these may be signs that your printer needs to be fixed or that it is giving out and needs to be replaced. Some problems in printers can be fixed by easy troubleshooting, but others require professionals to resolve. If you find that nothing you do gets your printer to work right, you probably need to call a professional.

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